Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Install NATdet

I haven't found any tutorials about installing NATDet yet, so I just made one, it's very simple. Here is the official NATDet site: , there is a little documentation about it.

So, how to install: 

1. You need to install some packages:
  • pcap
  • bison

2. Install tcpdump

3. Install ncurses

4. Download and install NATDet

make install 

How to use it:

First, you should set your network interface to promisc mode, if you want it to be automated, set it:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet manual
        up ifconfig eth1 promisc up
        down ifconfig eth1 promisc down


/etc/init.d/networking restart && ifup eth0 && ifup eth1

Now, your network interface reads every packages, so you can start using natdet:

As shown in the readme:

natdet -v -i eth0 'RULES'

-v : verbose
-vv : more verbose
-i : set interface
-l : set log file
-d : run in background

- RULES : You can set up rules like in tcpdump

And now, just wait, it needs some time to find users who use NAT.

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