This page is about VoIP, mostly about Asterisk PBX Server and  related topics. These posts are mostly just notes to myself, but may be you can use them too. There will be blank links, they will be future topics/posts.

My favourite site about VoIP is http://www.voip-info.org . It contains everything about VoIP, but some topics are outdated.


  1. Basic Asterisk Installation (HUN)
  2. VoIP Communication
  3. Asterisk + Mysql (RealTime) experiences
  4. Asterisk + MWI
  5. SIP + NAT
    1. Basic Problem
    2. Asterisk settings and options
    3. STUN and TURN, ICE
  6. Asterisk + GoogleVoice
  7. Asterisk + Cisco gateway for PSTN
  8. SCHNet VoIP System

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